Telstra at it again

You’ve got to love Telstra (NOT) !

A few days ago I received an email from Telstra in relation to my current mobile plan.

Currently I pay $50 per month for 60gb, plus $5 per month for attaching an Apple watch to the service.

So Telstra have offered to increase the monthly charge to $65 (presumably with an added $5 for my Apple Watch connection) and give me 80gb per month, which I have no use for. So that’s a 30% increase in the monthly charge!

Telstra say that this is part of its “commitment to simplifying its products”. Not even remotely honest!

To blur the issue they are offering a discount on the new plan of $5 per month for 12 months. That would reduce the increase from 30% to 20%. Whoopee!

Alternatively, it appears I can remain on a plan at the current cost, with 40gb data allowance but no access to 5g. That’s a decrease of 33% from the current data allowance, for the same money!

This isn’t an optional plan. Rather, unless I cancel the current service, or move to the lower plan, the cost of my monthly plan with Telstra WILL be increased next month without further notice.

And Telstra have the gall to describe this as “its commitment to simplifying its products”, rather than “Major price hike coming”.

Well at least they got the heading right .. “YOUR MOBILE PLAN IS CHANGING”.