Global Tragedy

Global Tragedy – The demise of the USA

It is alarmingly clear to see the demise of the USA, slipping away from its once dominant position in the world.
On so may levels we see evidence of the erosion of economic dominance, the increasing fragility of financial stability, the breakdown of political debate, morality, law and order.
What is most prominent of all, and clear for all to see around the world, is the fundamental failure of leadership in Washington. And if that is not alarming enough, there is a lack of national appetite to change the status quo. US politics is polarised in a way that is crippling any rational democtatic debate. 

Never, in the history of the United States, has the President been so consistently and openly untruthful with the public and so dismissive of those who would defend the principles of democracy in that country.

What we are seeing is the fall from greatness of the richest and most powerful country on earth. 

Why is there no effective resistance to this trend? Why are Republicans so unwilling to call out a man who is responsible for the humiliation of their country on the world stage? How can they abide a leader in their name who is a pathological narcissist with no interest in the welfare of the country that he is charged with leading and no interest in the its people, save their voting intentions at the next poll.

An outsider is led to the conclusion that morals and ethics, even intelligence, is no longer recognisable in the US political debate. Surely the blind prejudice in political behaviour is rooted in ignorance. Surely, many are manipulated because they are uninformed or misinformed of the facts upon which they make political judgments. Is the news of current events so badly reported, or is there no appetite to know the facts.

At a time in history when we have such immediate access to unlimited amounts of information, there is evidence that large numbers of people, particularly younger people, are uninformed or worse, disconnected from reliable information upon which their judgments are made and upon which ultimately the quality of their democracy relies.

Those who live in countries of the world where information is not freely available, but censored, must wonder at the opportunities made freely available to Americans being squandered without thought of the consequences of their ignorance.